Where can you borrow money without credit bureau?

Individuals who have already taken out a loan and need another, are usually faced with the hurdle of credit bureauauskunft, as it is obtained from banks and credit institutions. A negative credit bureau entry can result in the re-admission of a loan being prevented, since the bank can come to the conclusion that the existing income is not sufficient for another loan. However, the views of the bank do not necessarily have to be shared, which raises the question of where to borrow money without credit bureau.

Loans from Switzerland

Loans from Switzerland

Many Swiss banks have long since taken note of the concerns of their northern neighbors and responded with a corresponding offer. Borrowing money without credit bureau is quite possible through the detour of the loan brokerage. Since the applicant can not apply directly to a Swiss bank from Germany for the purpose of borrowing, these transactions are made via credit intermediaries based in Germany, whose offers can often be found on the internet.

The Swiss loan does not require a credit bureau account, which has made him a popular way of financing over time. But without collateral it does not work here, because a regular income is mandatory in this case. However, income alone is not enough.

It goes without saying that it has to have a certain height and is not generated from self-employment. Conversely, this means that the self-employed and freelancers usually do not have a chance to borrow money without credit bureau, because their income can be quite high, but are not in the desired regularity and are also subject to strong fluctuations.

Borrowing money

Borrowing money

Another point that should definitely be considered in the Swiss loan are its terms. Borrowing money without credit bureau is associated with certain restrictions in this way, because Swiss loans are completely rigid in terms of conditions. The loan amount, which is usually between 3,000 and 4,000 USD, can neither be increased nor reduced. The same applies to the interest rate, the amount of monthly installments and their number or the term of the loan.

At this point, of course, the question arises whether or when a Swiss loan makes sense. For investments that are commensurate, this type of lending without credit bureau may well be taken into account if refusals have already been made elsewhere. However, this loan is particularly well suited to equalize or replace other loans of a similar amount but with more expensive conditions. The classic example: The credit line, whose interest is usually far above that of a normal installment loan.

Before the recording, however, the offers should be compared exactly. Although these are very similar due to the fixed conditions, but the credit intermediaries take different levels of processing fees to mediate. Exactly these should therefore be scrutinized in order not to claim too expensive credit. Borrowing money without credit bureau does not necessarily have the reputation of being particularly cheap, but it is in this area that not a few frivolous providers are bustling out of the way.

Borrow money without the credit bureau should therefore be approached with care. When comparing different offers, the effective interest rate plays a major role, because in this all costs are included. If this is not specified, for example, distance should be taken from the respective offer.

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