Mortgage Consolidation Loan

Too many debts or loans? Get rid of them once and for all! The solution to problems with several high installments is a consolidation loan. It is certain that paying installments for household appliances, cash loans and leasing is a problem. Each debt presents a different amount of installment, a different payment deadline, and importantly a different interest rate. Often very high. What to do to get rid of them forever?

First of all, go to the bank or look at the consolidation loan list, the credit comparison at the bottom of the page and check what consolidation loan you can count on .


What is a consolidation loan?

What is a consolidation loan?

Certainly you can write about it for a long and extensive time. For you, however, the most important thing is that consolidation, with your several loans creates one! One only loan, with an installment equal to the amount that suits you! Without the slightest problems, you repay the loan regularly and comfortably. You do not make transfers several times a month – you do it once! For one single bank.


What else can you gain?

importance of money

In addition to the fact that the consolidation loan is one debt – not a few, it brings a whole lot of other benefits . First of all, you really save time . Knowing that time is money , you also save finances . It is important that money , tangibly, in a material way, come back to you! If you only match the consolidation loan to your needs, you will find that you can gain a lot from it.


How will you save?

You probably know that by incurring previous debts, you also paid insurance, and certainly interest. Depending on how the loan agreement was formulated, it is possible that the interest rate was still calculated from the outstanding amount or the entire amount. Consolidation, on the other hand, is that the bank that offers the consolidation repays your debts at once , thus spreading them into new installments. Therefore, he puts money for you to pay off his debts! You certainly know what this implies. Early repayment is a big profit !

You receive a refund of insurance, for the period in which the loan is no longer repaid, because it has been repaid by the bank, and the interest rate is in many cases canceled from the loan period, which was terminated earlier.

It turns out, therefore, that the consolidation loan will amount to less than the sum of loans that would be left to you without it! Is not this an extremely attractive offer? Do not hesitate! Save your time and money! Get more than just a lot of debt. Apply for a consolidation loan now.

Benefits of consolidation:

  • saving time,
  • smaller amount to be repaid,
  • better credit conditions,
  • small, optimal installments,
  • matched repayment time,
  • one loan!


Change your debt today!

Change your debt today!

Are you currently paying off some loans? Would you like to exchange them for one interest-bearing loan with one repayment date? Do not wait, you lose money every day without doing anything. Start working – ask for a consolidation loan, complete the application!

The new consolidation loan of NIZ Bank, under the name of “IsCredit”, is a new consolidation of NIZ Bank. Konsortka offers low interest rates – only 5.9% – additional cash for unexpected expenses and a high maximum loan amount of up to PLN 200,000. zł. NIZ Bank offers the payment of funds even in one day!

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